Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution of NC Practice Areas

Providing Alternative Dispute Resolution Services in all Areas of Litigation

Our firm is committed to providing quality mediation services, catering to attorneys throughout North and South Carolina.

Our attorneys/mediators provide mediation experience including, but not limited to:

Workers Compensation

Our mediators have experience in all aspects of the workers compensation system and have mediated thousands of these cases in the Carolinas.


 Complex Business Disputes

 Complex Business Disputes mediations help serve lawyers who practice in complex business litigation, including class actions, partner disputes and business torts.

Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury cases can be complex legal matters and these cases can change peoples lives. The right  mediator can be the difference in achieving the goals of the parties in these cases.


Bankruptcy  mediation can assist practitioners in all areas of bankruptcy practice, both business and consumer areas, and among members who practice in the three federal bankruptcy districts.


Pre-Litigation Mediations

We can mediate all disputes before any litigation occurs. Call to set an appointment to talk with a mediator about options right for you.


Construction Law Mediations

Mediating Construction Law issues  can resolve issues concerning  contracting, mechanics’ liens and bonds, development, insurance and claims, construction defects,  and subcontracting.

Estate & Fiduciary Law

Estate  & Fiduciary Law  mediations brings together attorneys and parties engaging in estate planning and trust and estate administration, promoting settlement of estate  disputes.


Family Law Mediations

Mediating Family Law disputes promotes improvements in family law practice by helping parties find solutions to custody and visitation, and financial issues including child support, alimony, division of property and separation terms. 

Medical Malpractice Cases

We can help resolve legal issues related to health care including medical malpractice, and related health insurance disputes.


Insurance Disputes

Insurance disputes can be mediated pre-litigation or during the litigation process. We have extensive experience with insurance claims and processes.

Intellectual Property Law

The Intellectual Property Law Section examines copyright, patent and trademark law issues, providing information to its members about a vast array of issues related to international property law.

Labor & Employment Law Disputes

 Labor & Employment Law mediations serve as a resource for lawyers involved in a broad spectrum of employment law representation helping to resolve matters affecting employers, employees and counsel.


Are mediators all also serve as arbitrators. We can set the arbitration as a single arbitrator or in a panel if needed. We set it all up for you and confirm the time and place.


Solo, Small Firm & General Practices

We can help all firm sizes with mediation needs including Solo, Small Firm & General Practices. We have conference space if you need it and can have the mediation at our office or yours.


 Land Use and Property Rights

Mediation of  land and other property rights assist in resolving disputes in matters related to land use, contracts,  zoning litigation and environmental regulations affecting the development of land.